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For a number of reasons, including the fact that finding resources has become so much easier than when the club began, this site will go dormant from the new year. It will be accessible but not active for the whole of 2017 and then it will be archived.

But we haven’t gone away, in fact our Facebook page and Twitter account make it possible to be much more responsive; passing on information and links as they appear and popping out bite-sized snippets that might interest our followers. There’s also The Disabled Animals Club Daily automatically put together from popular tweets and other sources by

So come on over, say hello, and if you’ve never tweeted, maybe send us your first so we can tweet you back.



Added a new list of Twitter links. If you pitch up on my Tweetdeck lists and you’re likely to be of interest to DAC folk, you’ll be listed. If you’re not there, could be I’ve missed you so please just say. Could also be you’re really interesting but not very disability focused or hugely relevant to our site – one of my followers sells handbags – so you might not find yourself on the list. You’re probably on someone elses’ so don’t fret!

DAC Redirected

cat picture from morgueFile free photosThat’s it then, the original site has a re-direct on it so everyone should be coming here now. If that’s you and it’s your first trip, you’ll find you can leave comments, which you couldn’t do before, and you can follow updates on Twitter (look for @disabledanimals). Some of these are re-tweets from people following us and they often have interesting and relevant information to pass on. Occasionally, they’re just plain giggle-worthy and might just brighten up a gloomy corner of your day. Well, we’ll see anyway!

So if you’re here (and you must be, mustn’t you?), follow DAC, pick up our tweets, and pass on the useful stuff to people who need it. Deal? Terrific!