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For a number of reasons, including the fact that finding resources has become so much easier than when the club began, this site will go dormant from the new year. It will be accessible but not active for the whole of 2017 and then it will be archived.

But we haven’t gone away, in fact our Facebook page and Twitter account make it possible to be much more responsive; passing on information and links as they appear and popping out bite-sized snippets that might interest our followers. There’s also The Disabled Animals Club Daily automatically put together from popular tweets and other sources by

So come on over, say hello, and if you’ve never tweeted, maybe send us your first so we can tweet you back.


Facebook and email address

We’ve been up and running on Facebook for a little while now, tracking down others to follow and building a little following of our own. It’s a more dynamic environment than a blog and, once people find you, a more responsive one. Come and have a look Disabled Animals Club.

There’s a new email address too. The Yahoo address still works via a redirect but it would be good now to put this one in your contacts instead

This site won’t go away any time soon but eventually, when there’s just the tumbleweed blowing through it, it may be retired.

See you over the way 🙂

Suzanne Conboy-Hill

New forum!

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As of today, there’s a forum for the kinds of discussions that currently take place in the comments threads here. It’s powered by Makeforum, it’s free, and as yet I have no idea how it’s going to work so please bear with me! I have set up some basic discussion categories but I can add more as new topics arise. People can post if they are members (which appears to be so that anyone behaving badly can be banned) and I can zap anything offensive so BE NICE! (I know you will).

All being well, the Disabledanimals Forum should provide a place for people to help each other as they have been doing with some difficulty here. So, get on over there and start making threads!