Article about pets living with disability – journalist seeks info

This request came via email. Maybe you can help.

My name is Karen Cornish and I’m a freelance journalist specialising in pets. I’ve been commissioned by PetPeople (the magazine for PetPlan insurance) to write an article on disabled pets and I’m hoping you can help me?

This is the brief I’ve been given…


Tripods and heroes

Many pets live happily with disabilities thanks to dedicated, caring owners, with clubs and forums actively celebrating their unique status – hence the ‘tripod’ nickname for three-legged cats. Please provide some context as to why these pets are so celebrated and cherished before highlighting some lovely examples of happy pets living well with a disability. Please include brief advice from the Disabled Animal Club on how to support a pet with a common disability, for example, how to adapt training for a dog that has become deaf, or physio for helping pets who have lost a leg.

If you can find specific cases studies, including decent photos, that would be excellent – even better if any of them are Petplan customers and made an insurance claim following the accident or illness that left them disabled. The Disabled Animal Club may be able to help you source these.”

I am hoping you can help with some general advice (or point me in the right direction) as well as helping to find some case studies? PetPeople are keen for me to lead with a three-legged cat if possible. They’ve only given me a week for this so if you can help I would be grateful if you could let me know as soon as possible!


Kind regards

Karen Cornish


Writer, editor and proofreader

07900 993834



Moving to Facebook?

When DAC began, the internet had barely got off the ground. We even put out a print newsletter with cut and paste meaning exactly that and post meaning lugging boxes of enveloped magazines, weighing them, and sticking on the stamps which, if you remember that far back, had to be licked!

Then, as the information superhighway began taking detours to the end of most people’s roads, albeit slow as a slug up a pipe, the newsletter seemed unresponsive and out-dated. We couldn’t update it and we couldn’t respond in a timely manner to letters. We switched to a website and then, as even that was overtaken by faster moving platforms, to WordPress.

But times have moved things along again: searches are so easy, our lists can’t keep up, and the way people use social media means they expect conversations, not static pages.

So it may be time to move on again – this time to Facebook. I am looking into Pages to see how we can accommodate our best WordPress features and I will come back here to let everyone know. We may also change our email address as Yahoo no longer works well with Outlook. Again, I’ll make that clear here.

This site won’t go for quite a while and then I will put it in ‘dry dock’ to preserve its history. Before that happens, there will be a post with all you need to find us and connect.

Back soon 🙂