Wet Nose Day – Comic relief for animals

Handicap sign



There’s a move to establish a fund raising event for animals in the style of Comic Relief. It would be called ‘Wet Nose Day’. Now that sounds like a thing, doesn’t it? For non-UK readers, Comic Relief is televised mayhem that comes around every two years and raises funds for projects here and abroad that support disadvantaged people. That includes people with disabilities.


If there were one for animals, what would you want it to support? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of charities – large and small, here and abroad – that take in abandoned and lost animals. Many others providing free care veterinary care for animals – domestic and wildlife  And there are research institutes doing vital work developing new treatment for animals – think of the work on cerebellar ataxia (wobbly cats), and degenerative myelopathy for instance.


Animals with disabilities draw on all of these resources, and especially those of the people who choose to adapt, change, accommodate, and often sacrifice their own way of life to make having a disability tolerable for a pet.


So where would we want to target any donations if they came in? What would we suggest? Please don’t think of this site – I do nothing at all, just keep a resource going. This site needs nothing. What stand-out resources would we want to put forward for financial support? Let’s get some suggestions, not for a vote, just to put up if we are lucky enough to find this happens. Add your comments to this post and I will pass them on. Thank you.