Holly’s story, a warning about Deramaxx

This link will take you to a blog post that describes the dreadful and untimely death of Amy’s collie cross, Holly. In the end, Holly’s condition was undiagnosed but Amy is convinced that the drug was to blame and links to other stories along the same lines. Reading Amy’s account, I have concerns too about the somewhat haphazard approach of the veterinary service but, of course, we don’t know what they would say about this awful outcome. Whatever the cause, communication seems to have been inadequate and Amy’s concerns about Deramaxx seem to have been dismissed too easily without there being a more obvious explanation. Amy is articulate and able to put her case while many of us are not. Professionals are sometimes too easily spooked by people who have knowledge and so they take a defensive stance for fear of seeming inadequate. Give me a professional every time who is able to tell me they don’t know in a way that contains my anxieties over one who pretends to know because they are too afraid to seem lacking.

Take a look at Amy’s blog.


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