UK TV programme seeking interviewee

This message came to us by email and is reproduced here. If you are interested in taking part in the programme, please make your own enquiries and satisfy yourself that it is what you want to do. The company is not associated with Disabled Animals’ Club in any way and this is not a recommendation. Ask, check, make up your own mind.
My name is Nabeela and I am currently working as a researcher on a Channel 4 religion and ethics series: 4 thought. transmits every day after the Channel 4 news.  Each piece is approximately two minutes long and features a person(s) speaking directly to camera. Each week is themed around a news event, anniversary or a issue linked to faith, ethics or religion and includes contributions from well known faces, religious figures, politicians and members of the public.
You can see all the films we’ve made so far at
In the week commencing the 6th December we will be transmitting a week of programmes around the theme of ‘Animal Rights’. I came across your organisation when researching animals who use special equipment to get about. Really keen to talk to a pet owner who uses such products
Just in terms of logistics, filming will be taking place in a studio in Kentish Town in North London between the 10th – 12th November. We would require around an hour to film and would, of course, arrange all transport to and from the filming location.
If you have any further questions of queries please do not hesitate to get in touch. The best way to contact me by email is at telephone 07507 535 303
Nabeela Zahir
Researcher ‘’