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Hearing impairment

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I’ve posted on the Forum Joanne’s message asking for help with her deaf cat. You can read it there but if you want to reply, you need to sign up to the Forum itself. That’s free, you can make posts there yourselves and start topics and the only rule is to play nicely. Anything offensive will be removed (or not allowed up as the site is moderated) but it is for adults so don’t assume that every message will be ok for children to see.

Here’s the link. The Forum is powered by Maxforum which is new to me. There have been some availability problems the last couple of days so, if it doesn’t settle down, it can consider itself on warning and we’ll go somewhere else!


Deaf cat

Can anyone help Joanne? We’ve had some ideas but your thoughts would be welcome. Here’s her story:
We have a 10 year old deaf cat, she has been deaf in both ears fully for approximately 2 – 3 years.  She no longer goes out at night as we live on a busy road and i worry because she can no longer hear the traffic or any other outside noises.  During the day she is fine she sleeps and i am here with her some days as i work from home a few hours everyday.  Its once early evening is here and then bedtime, she meows constantly and it is such a highpitched very very loud meow.  Most nights i get up with her every 2 hours just to reassure her i am there and then she is fine.  I do try to ignore her but i worry about the neighbours complaining,  that is how loud she is so thats why i get up.  She is getting worse and the last month has been unbearable and dont quite know how to stop the meowing and i would love to be able to sleep all night.  We love her dearly and would be lost without her she is our baby but it is just becoming hard work now with her.  I dont really want to take her to the vets as she seems well in herself,  and she eats fine.  I have found a few medical conditions on the internet that could possibly explain the meowing but she gets so stressed  going in her box and to the vets because she cant hear what is happening so I will take her if thats what you advise.  Its bad enough taking her for her boosters she shakes and everything.
I really hope you can help me with this as dont really know how or what to do.  I have had a good read up on deaf cats and i do know they have no volume control over their meow and it is part of being deaf,but there must be some other strategy we can use.

Many Thanks

Mrs Joanne Maidment

New forum!

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As of today, there’s a forum for the kinds of discussions that currently take place in the comments threads here. It’s powered by Makeforum, it’s free, and as yet I have no idea how it’s going to work so please bear with me! I have set up some basic discussion categories but I can add more as new topics arise. People can post if they are members (which appears to be so that anyone behaving badly can be banned) and I can zap anything offensive so BE NICE! (I know you will).

All being well, the Disabledanimals Forum should provide a place for people to help each other as they have been doing with some difficulty here. So, get on over there and start making threads!

New site – Dog Games

Dog Games says its aim is to ‘plant the seeds of ideas’ in owners’ minds so they can get the best out of life with their dogs by understanding how dogs work. Well we all second that, don’t we! One of our visitors found a really good harness for her front leg amputee pup that is liberating all of them. The pic is on the comments page #11 , it’s ‘Aaaaaaw-some!’