Help wanted for cart-using Border Terrier

dog in cart

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This is a plea for help from a family in Yorkshire whose little Border slipped a disc and now needs a cart to get about. He’s a happy little chap, by all accounts, even though he needs help with bladder expression and bowel movements. Trouble is, this all very new and his family has a holiday booked in August so they need to find somewhere for him to stay for about 10 days. They’re asking all the right people, vets, the Dogs’ Trust, canine cart makers and so forth, to see if there’s a person or a service with the right skills to meet his needs – ex vet nurses, retired vets, people who have looked after a paralysed dog in the past and can do the toileting tasks, for instance. But if you know of anyone – doesn’t have to be too local they say – please leave a message here and we’ll put you in touch. Any information helpful so please just tell us what you know.

Thank you DACers, bloggers, and Twitterers


2 thoughts on “Help wanted for cart-using Border Terrier

  1. if the dog is good with other dogs i can help as i have disabled dogs dose he were dog nappies ??

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