Cat rescue memoirs

book coverI’ve brought this over from the ‘About Us’ page where it might languish, unseen, if not so many people go there.

‘I am writing on behalf of Julie Brinkworth to introduce you to a new book about cat rescue and how a dedicated person can, and did make a difference to the lives of the poor lost souls who had captured her heart.

A full review of her illustrated book can be read here

Cat lovers the world over will certainly identify with her love of cats and will recognise her descriptions of their individual personalities – all of which make this such an enjoyable read.

The book can be purchased directly from the publishers here product number 06166267

Please alert your friends, colleagues, or members of your various cat or dog societies to this absorbing book?

Finally, an added poignancy is added by her ongoing search for her lost dog Maurica, rescued from Mauritius and brought back to the UK only to be lost again. Hopefully she has found a new home but Julie’s heart is aching to see her just one more time.

With very best wishes,

Jim Young & Julie Brinkworth