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cat picture from morgueFile free photosThat’s it then, the original site has a re-direct on it so everyone should be coming here now. If that’s you and it’s your first trip, you’ll find you can leave comments, which you couldn’t do before, and you can follow updates on Twitter (look for @disabledanimals). Some of these are re-tweets from people following us and they often have interesting and relevant information to pass on. Occasionally, they’re just plain giggle-worthy and might just brighten up a gloomy corner of your day. Well, we’ll see anyway!

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New theory of Down Syndrome

New theory of Down syndrome cause may lead to new therapies:

“– that a deficiency of a protein in the brain of Down syndrome patients could contribute to the cognitive impairment and congenital heart defects that characterize the syndrome.”

As this was seen as primarily a genetic rather than a metabolic disorder, what implications might there be for other ‘genetic’ disorders in human and other species?

From PsyDir News.

Spring cleaning

Fully intending to make a start on those links soon. Now I’ve got everything transferred over – except the pics, (what to do about the pics?) – I can start checking and validating links to other sites and putting up new ones. Know of any? Send them through and add to the directory. Let’s hope there aren’t any distractions; road to hell and all that…!